How does TUBE SHOT give you your best shot?

Doctor Developed to Work as Hard as You Do

TUBE SHOT Energy is the first super–concentrated, energy shot created by a doctor to safely provide a performance–enhancing boost. And it lasts for up to 5 hours – naturally. It gives you the power to push through long, demanding days while feeling more energized to enjoy what’s important to you.

Power on Every Day

Recharge and revitalize fast with TUBE SHOT Proven to deliver a powerful, long-lasting energy boost. Highly concentrated and portable. Keep it with you. And keep on the go. It’s the perfect pick–me–up for hard–working people like you, because it helps you get the job done.

Feel the Difference

Each TUBE SHOT™ delivers 200 mg of premium caffeine and B vitamins — fast. It’s designed to help you maintain your focus and energy — longer and more effectively. It just won’t stop ... until you do!

Filled in the USA

TUBE SHOT Energy provides natural caffeine to give you a safe, stimulating lift with NO sugar, NO calories, NO carbs and NO crash and is filled in the USA providing the quality, value and taste you deserve!